About Us

Welcome to ColorDeal!

At ColorDeal we sell premium brand colorants for the lowest price!

We offer attractive ranges from of the leading European decorative paint companies AkzoNobel, Caparol and PPG.

Did you know that the cost of colorants amount to a quarter of your total product cost? For most darker colors this percentage
will increase even more. Check the costs on the ‘Color wheel”.

Manufacturers of paint know you have limited choice when it comes to buying your necessary colorants. And as a consequence,
this means you pay a premium price.

ColorDeal purchases large volumes of fresh colorants on the European market. We are able to offer you these colorants
with high discounts. Our offer unlocks the potential of the Single European Market for the independent retailers.
ColorDeal only delivers to professional businesses and not consumers.

Imagine how much more profit you can generate from your color mixing machine and save up to thousands of euro’s per year.

Together with our trusted partners ColorDeal delivers your colorants quick and reliable to your doorstep.

The founder of ColorDeal, Paul Woltering, has gained more than 20 years of experience in the decorative paint industry.
“With ColorDeal we are able to combine the passion and knowledge of the professional paint retailer with lowest possible
purchase price, the best of two worlds”.

Visit our webshop now, place your order or try our special introduction offer.

ColorDeal will be honored to welcome you as our customer. Any questions or suggestions? Our team is at your service!

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