• 1 ltr Acotint colorant SB2 - Blue 2

There are two Acomix variants sold in Continental Europe, one with Ecolabel and one without Ecolabel.

For certain projects or European countries where required by environmental law, Acomix with Ecolabel is used.

The difference in both recipes can only be found in certain anti-bacterial and anti-fungicide additives.

Color quality and color recipes and are completely identical, allowing you to use and combine these two variants safely.

The Ecolabel variant can be identified by a low-case "e" in front of the color code (eg eWB1). For some colors ColorDeal delivers the eco variant.

Acotint has no eco-variant.

All AkzoNobel tinting machines in Continental Europe operate under the AcoMix color mixing system.

The standard assortment for all AkzoNobel brands (eg Sikkens, Trimetal, Herbol, Dulux Valentine, Flexa, Levis, Nordsjo, etc) consists of 32 colorants.

1 ltr Acotint colorant SB2 - Blue 2

  • Brand: AkzoNobel
  • Product Code: 1000ml
  • EAN: 8711115201610
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